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Winners change their lives forever …

This 46 chapter dystopian novel extrapolates current social, technological and environmental trends.

Themes include globalisation, corporatisation, formalised social stratification, democratic apathy, personal risk-taking and the use/abuse of technology.

Technology and an eleventh hour appreciation of the environment have saved humanity from self destruction. Society’s powerbrokers are the cashed-up and the technically gifted. Only they can keep the world economy running, which is what almost everyone wants. They form a global cartel called ‘ETAT’.

Aided by subverted surveillance technology operating at the molecular level, ETAT consolidates its political influence and introduces a universal caste system (Poor, Comfortable, Rich, Superrich, Free) with its own members in the top echelon.

In return for keeping their place, citizens are guaranteed never to fall below it. They may improve their lot only by risking their lives on ‘The Game’. Strapped into a variety of gruesome instruments, dissidents reach for the level above them. Winners change their lives forever. Losers die in ways designed to maximise ratings and advertising revenue. Many who abhor the concept ultimately discover that no one is immune to the right set of motivators.

This novel considers the nature of human desire and choice by examining intricately connected characters and the emotions with which they pursue their different lives.

Sound interesting? Then read Chapter 01!

I’m a high end corporate copywriter. My business is at www.thefeistyempire.com

In three decades, I’ve also written many surreal short stories, songs and poems that have been published in over 20 magazines worldwide.

I now seek a literary agent and publisher to help me tune, produce, market and distribute The Game.

I’d also like Quentin Tarantino to give me a million bucks for the right to turn this tale into a kick-arse movie.

If you like what you see on these pages and have ideas on how I may achieve my goal, I’d love to hear from you.

Drop me a line at paul@thefeistyempire.com

If you’d like to check out my short stories, songs and poems, click here.

With best regards and many thanks for your time. 🙂

Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

Pic by Steve A. Johnson.

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